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I am fascinated by organic form.  Plant life & the diversities of the human face intrigue me the most, but I seek out natural organic life in all of its calculated displays. With form and shape comes negative space as well, & I'm drawn to focus on it objectively in my 2-D representations.

Color combination is often a theme I explore in both illustration and paint mediums, but the simple act of utilizing line to create form is my basic satisfaction.

In my cut paper assemblage series I sought to create scenes within which human figures harmoniously exist juxtaposed into natural worlds of their choosing. There are 20 pieces shown here but 50 pieces total in the series and all images in each piece were hand cut and assembled.

  Photography is a natural process of documentation for me and I have travelled all over this country & others recording the magic that I see.  The textures and colors of nature and surrounding structures never cease to inspire and amaze me.  Always motivated to observe, I value adventure & have often adopted a nomadic lifestyle.


Feel free to contact me about any artwork dimensions, sale availability, or commission requests. I can be reached via email below, either social media link, or hired for jobs at http://www.freelanced.com/hannahcranford  

Prints of some work also available on  www.deviantart.com search hannahleecranford


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